Giving Back To Society
Spa Factory Bali - Apr 19, 2023

During my journey setting up Spa Factory Bali there were many ups and downs and I learnt early in my chosen career to be resourceful, learn the trade and be strong. As a female entrepreneur, it is not always easy as this is still a male dominated society, women have to be willing to work really hard. The years have taught me a lot, getting to where we are today at Spa Factory Bali. I realize that I also wanted to give back to society, to help others, especially woman who are struggling to succeed in life. There are many who do not have the luxury of an education, perhaps they were poor and had to help with chores as there was no one else to help or were married young and had to give up their education to look after the family, this the reality here in Indonesia.



I was lucky as I come from a Chinese family where education is highly sort after. I was educated in Jakarta at a convent, then on to university and then to Australia for a stint in advertising. The experience being alone in a strange country taught me to be independent, strong and look at things from outside the box. When I came back I understood the need for education and had a thirst for knowledge, after all they say “Knowledge is Power”.



We have been a member of Bedo (Business & Export Development Organization) since 2008 and in 2015 was fortunate enough to be one of the pilot companies in Bali chosen to join ILO’s program called SCORE which trains SME’s implementing lean manufacturing. After successfully completing the SCORE program, we systematically implemented all of the strategies, suggestions and recommendations and realized how beneficial it was to our performance. Within 2 years of implementing SCORE, our efficiency has increased by 300% with a reject rate under 1%. We became the prototypical company to showcase the benefits of SCORE methods and this lead to me being asked to be a coach for some of their courses. For me after reaping the benefits it was the perfect opportunity to give back to society and be a part of the organization that helped me achieve my goals.


Today, as a coach I travel to different SME’s in other parts of Indonesia armed with the SCORE course modules. These courses help identify problems and assist restructuring for efficiency with methods like 5S, lean manufacturing, Kanban etc. We use Spa Factory Bali as the model and explain how it has helped us to be more effective, lean and productive. We discuss how best to implement the knowledge and where to start. I enjoy speaking to the participants and sharing my experiences as it always teaches me something and reminds me of how we started and what it took to get here. I meet many women that are very happy to learn from me as it makes them more confident to see that women can succeed. I am not sure were the journey will end but right now I am enjoying the voyage.

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