Child Friendly Policy
Spa Factory Bali - Mar 25, 2023

We would like to introduce you to Reni who hails from Lewa, Sumba. Reni came to work for us in 2005 she is a mother of a 7 year old boy Gaston whom she brings to work with her. Because she does not have the financial means or the family support to have child care while she is at work.



In support of working mothers, our policy is a child friendly environment so Reni brings Gaston to work with her. While she works Gaston amuses himself with the other kids in a child friendly area. This way Reni is able to oversee what he does and is also able to feed him in our canteen while spending some quality time with him.



We understand a mothers needs and we fully support it being mothers ourselves. What we achieve benefits both the company and the employee, she is appreciative for the opportunity to earn and look after her son at the same time, and we are grateful for a dedicated worker who produces great work.


Well done Reni.

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