Star Performer
Spa Factory Bali - May 7, 2023

In this addition of Spa Factory News, we would like to introduce our “Star Performer” Ibu Jero.



Born in Bali in 1973 she grew up in the village of Kedonganan. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Ibu Jero was never able to attend a day of school, consequently she cannot read or write. She is a mother of 2 boys, her husband left her in 2007 to be with his new wife. Although the children live with their father’s family, she has been providing for their education all these years doing whatever jobs she could get. Her boys are now aged 15 and 20, the youngest just started high school and her oldest is now working and self-sufficient.



In 2016 she started as a janitor for Spa Factory Bali and has been responsible for housekeeping. She also oversees the cleanliness of the production area, cleaning and sterilizing of all utensils according to GMP regulations. As she is not able to read or write, with the help of our art department the “Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure” was translated into visual/animation to make it easy for her understand. This worked well for everyone involved, it has taught us as a company to better understand the individual needs of the staff, to think out of the box and create tools to help them reach their full potential. As for Ibu Jero she learnt not to be intimidated about her inability to read and gave her confidence to perform her duties beyond expectations. A valuable lesson “anything is possible if you are willing to try”.



Ibu Jero has a heart of gold, always hard working and willing to give a hand to everyone in production. She is the first to arrive in the morning to clean and prepare the office and factory. Has such a pleasant personality and disposition that it is a pleasure to have her work with us at Spa Factory.



So today, we would like to thank her for all the hard work and dedication. Despite the odds, her work ethics and commitment have brought her a long way to make her Spa Factory’s most outstanding employee.

Thank you Ibu!

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