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A few months before moving to the new factory we decided we needed to make improvements in the way we manufacture our products and run a sustainable business. As we had built a proper factory following the recommendations of our local FDA (BPPOM) so why not learn how to make it lean and more efficient. As a member of BEDO (Business & Export Development Organization), we are privilege to be sponsored to join the SCORE program.

SCORE is sponsored by the International Labor Organization (ILO). ILO a tripartite U.N. agency, that brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member States, to set labor standards, develop policies and devise programs promoting decent work for all women and men.

Today, the ILO’s program helps advance the economic and working conditions that give all workers, employers and governments a stake in lasting peace, prosperity and progress.

SCORE is the acronym for - Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises. It is a practical training and in-factory counselling program. SCORE program is about improving productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises. It utilizes best international practices in the manufacturing and service sectors and assist SMEs to be ready for the International market.

SCORE is a modular training program that focuses on developing cooperative relations at the workplace. The five SCORE modules cover workplace cooperation, quality management, clean production, human resource management, and occupational health and safety. Each of the modules includes a joint, two-day classroom training for managers and workers and follow-up consultations with experts in the participating enterprises.


Workplace cooperation
Management has become more transparent and job descriptions are more defined, there are more open discussions where all are free to air their problems and where everyone is involved to try help solve the problem. Mostly we created a better working environment where all departments work together in harmony, the essential team work spirit. We have also successfully applied the 5S system in all production lines.


Quality management
We identified areas were production was stuck and what was the cause. We established clear guidelines to everyone so they know what they were responsible for, what timeline are expected so there was room to push the buck. Every employee is important and responsible for his/her work – quality control in every step of the process.


Clean production
We designated rooms for specific work with detailed outlines and timelines to be done were all the necessary tools and products were available so no running around looking for products. Stores were clean up and stocked and documented for efficient reordering without wastage.


Human resource management
Job descriptions are written so employees know exactly what is required of them, team leader or supervisors counsel and advise errant staff so there is a support system for the weaker links.  A humanistic and empathetic approach is given as most of the employees are women with small children so many of the problems they face comes with the demands of being a breadwinner and mother at the same time. The key we adopt is flexibility and to take every employee as an individual so we can make adjustments were necessary so it benefits us and the employee.


Occupational health and safety
All employees are now on National Health scheme and we have monthly health talks being given by our attending Dr. and staff.
Work place safety has been discussed with the various departments.
All meeting points, safety and emergency exits have been identified, clear signage and directions for relevant disasters as well as fire extinguisher and medical kit are all in place.


We feel the program has helped us identify our weaknesses and strengths, to communicate better with the staff and it has given the staff a better insight into the company with communication channels more open to discuss freely with management. Overall there is a much better understanding and cooperation between the staff a sense of belonging and unity. We now have more meetings where discussions are held on how to improve production and communication between the departments.

When the program was finished we were selected to be the role model of SCORE and now we have many companies coming to visit the factory and many a time management is asked to give testimony for the program. This has been very encouraging for the employees as they feel proud to have achieved the admiration of other companies and to be showcase for their efforts.

To have come thus far with the program is a testimony to their dedication and hard work of the staff members. We now have a more “Gotong Royong” attitude where everyone chips in when we are busy, we are more productive and have fun work together.  

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