STANDART RITUALS | Rich and Creamy

Submerge yourself into a treatment that nourishes your skin with the kinds of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your mother would definitely approve of. All the magical properties that gave you the best start in life have returned to revitalize tired, damaged skin. This milky menu features vitamin A & C for anti-oxidant cell rejuvenation plus liposome to support collagen in the skin for anti-aging. Proof that Mother Nature always knows best.


Soak both feet in a shallow bowl with warm water and add Foot Bath. The foot bath has an active ingredient of rock salt and camphor which is very effective as a deodorizer. 5 min.
Wash the whole body, mixing Milk Body Wash in a bowl of warm water. Apply with a circular motion and wipe the soap off with a warm towel. The shower gel contains the active ingredients of milk and avocado extract. 10 min.
Use the Milk Scrub Cream to remove impurities and improve the texture of the skin. The active ingredients of the scrub are apricot seed, cocoa butter, milk and avocado extract. Wipe with a warm towel to remove the scrub. 25 min.
Continue body massage using Milk Massage Butter. A combination of Balinese and Lomi-Lomi massage technique will be suitable for this ritual. This massage cream contains of cocoa butter, milk and avocado extract. 60 min
Prepare a warm bath, add Rich Milk Bath in the water and lots of fresh rose petals for a dramatic effect. It is made of sodium bicarbonate, corn powder, oatmeal, milk powder and essential oil of Rose, Geranium and Ylang Ylang. Use natural sponge or loofah to wash the massage butter while in the bath.  15 min.
Towel dry then apply Milk Body Cream while the skin is still damp. Finish by spraying the whole body with Milk Body Mist. The mist is enriched with rose water, milk and avocado extract. 5 min.
Serve a cup of hot tea with fresh milk to complete the ritual.  


PB-050010D Foot Bath 30 gr
PB-521201 Milk Body Wash 10 ml
PB-521311 Milk Scrub Cream 40 ml
PB-521412 Milk Massage Butter 40 ml
PB-521206D Rich Milk Bath Powder 50 gr
PB-521411 Milk Body Cream 20 ml
PB-521203 Milk Body Mist 10 ml


PP-050010 Mineral Enriched Foot Bath Gel 30 ml
PP-521201 Milk Body Wash 10 ml
PP-521311 Milk Scrub Cream 40 ml
PP-521412 Milk Massage Butter 40 ml
PP-521206 Milk Bath Gel 50 ml
PP-521411 Milk Moisturizing Cream 20 ml
PP-521203 Milk Body Mist 10 ml