What's New | Our Temple and the Odalan


Bali is a land of many Temples and each Temple has a different significance e.g. for the Gods, village temples, family, ancestors, to watch over the property etc. According to Balinese tradition each dedicated Temple has a scheduled celebration called the Odalan to mark the anniversary of it’s beginning.

In keeping with Balinese Cultural Tradition Spa Factory Bali has a dedicated Temple at the entrance of the factory to guard the property against negative forces, a must for any place of business. It is also an important part of our Balinese staff’s religious values to have a place to worship at their work place, it gives them a sense of peace. The girls take charge of placing offerings at the shrine every day come rain or shine.

Twice a year on a specific date according to the Balinese Calendar the whole office celebrates the anniversary with a ceremony that begins with prayers and offerings, Canang (small woven basket with flowers and incense sticks), larger baskets laden with fruit, special cakes and other significant gifts for the Gods are place at the temple.

All the staff regardless of religion join in the prays lead by the Pak Manku (Priest), kneeling on mats in front of the temple dressed in traditional attire. After the prayers and blessing a lunch is held in the staff canteen with various traditional Balinese food and desserts. The celebrations help to promote religious harmony and solidifies the relationship between the staff, (something important in this day and age).

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