Spa Factory Bali™

Energizing Range

What better way to be revitalized, a selection of products to help lift your spirits for travel or home use.

Energizing Home Set – Energizing room scent and candle: charge the ambience with an energizing fragrance for a quick pick me up when you are tired.

Essential Travelling Set – Energizing hand sanitizer, insect repellent and lip balm: The perfect companion on a trip way to keep your hand clean, your lips moisturized and keeps those irritating bugs away.

Energizing Room Diffuser – Reed fragrance diffuser perfect for a quick pick me up scenting the room with a revitalizing fragrance.

Energizing Travel Candle – just light up to infuse the room with reviving and revitalizing scents

Energizing Oil – Use a few drops in the aroma diffuser or in the bath to energize your senses.

Revival Gift Set – Orchid Candle and potpourri: The perfect gift for the home a scented candle and potpourri to help refresh the room.