STANDART RITUALS | Floral Pampering

Feel your body falling, like a petal, into a bed of flowers. The soft, velvety textures caress your skin. Subtle essential oil scents embrace your senses, releasing memories, like crystal moments in time. A most romantic experience, this treatment is literally a garden of delights.


Soak both feet in a shallow bowl with warm water and Foot Bath Salt. Follow with foot massage to induce a state of total relaxation.10 min.
Wash body with warm water mixed with Floral Body Wash. With mitt towel, wipe up excess soap water. The blend used is ylang ylang & sandalwood essential oil.10 min.
Floral Scrub Gel is then applied to the body to open the pores of the skin. Wipe clean the whole body with warm mitt towel. The blend used is Lavender & Bergamot essential oil.25 min.
Full body massage using a combination of Balinese and lomi-lomi massage technique. Use Floral Massage Oil with essential oil of ylang ylang & geranium.60 min.
Apply Floral Body Mask using big brush. Cover guest with sarong and give a head & face massage while waiting for the mask to dry. The mask is made of clay, coconut cream, jasmine buds, sandalwood powder, sintok bark powder, essential oil of geranium & cedarwood.20 min.
Prepare a warm bath and add Floral Milk Bath. Add a lot of fresh flower petal for a more dramatic effect. The blend used is lavender & ylang ylang essential oil.10 min.
Towel dry the guest and apply Floral Moisturizing Cream. The blend is ylang ylang & geranium essential oil.5 min.
Finish the treatment with serving hibiscus tea. 


PB-050010DFoot Bath Salt30 gr
PB-040204Floral Body Wash10 ml
PB-040312Floral Scrub Powder40 ml
PB-040301Floral Massage Oil40 ml
PB-040303DFloral Body Mask Powder40 gr
PB-040206DFloral Milk Bath50 gr
PB-040411Floral Moisturizing Cream20 ml


PP-050010Mineral Enriched Foot Bath Gel30 ml
PP-040204Floral Body Wash10 ml
PP-040312Floral Scrub Gel40 ml
PP-040301Floral Massage Oil40 ml
PP-040303Floral Body Mask Cream40 ml
PP-040206Floral Milk Enriched Bath Gel50 ml
PP-040411Floral Moisturizing Cream20 ml