Spa Factory Bali - May 7, 2023

Today’s world has changed the way we use things, so many daily items are used once and thrown a way, few are interested in things built to last.


Young people are in a hurry and want convenience, our electronics only last a few months or a year or two. We have disposable plastic cups, plates, spoons, bottles, etc. We use them once and send them to the garbage heap. Food, clothing, cosmetic products, factory waste all discarded indiscriminately so much so we are drowning in our own trash.


Our oceans and lands are littered with our non-degradable waste, industries are polluting the sea, air and land, fish and animals are dying eating our garbage and in turn we too are consuming the poisons in a vicious cycle. What happened to the old proverb “waste not want not”? Have we forgotten?


How do we stop this devastating chain of events? where do we start? how can we be more sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly? Who can help us? Well the answer is simple it starts with US, now, no matter how small the effort.



After much discussion our crew at Spa Factory Bali decided to kick start the project with just one product to start the process, we decided on“soap”. Why you may ask? Well, after soap is made it is cut to size before packaging and there is always a lot of surplus pieces. We manufacture natural coldpressed soap so there is quite a lot of this great soap that goes to waste.


We deliberated on how to make use of our soap surplus for zero waste results. The team came up with the idea of recycling the left-over pieces by chopping them up into smaller pieces and thenmolding the surplus into a new bar using glycerin soap as a filler. This way there is zero wastage and we have a new ecofriendly and sustainable product. The result is an attractive looking bar of clear soap with visible fragments of cold pressed soap inside.


This is a small effort but it has to start somewhere. Let us as citizens of the earth be more responsible to this planet, we call home after all there is no where else, we can go.



We are part of Circular Revolution movement in Bali.

Please check our IG: re.circularrevolution

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