About Us

Spa Factory Bali™ Spa Factory Bali™ Spa Factory Bali™ Spa Factory Bali™ Spa Factory Bali™ Spa Factory Bali™

We had simple beginnings starting out as a cottage industry in small house with the kitchen as the production area, a desk that served as an office and 5 staff. Back then we only made simple products like scrub powder, massage oil and bath salt.

In mid-2015 we took the plunge and moved to our new factory in order to stay relevant, advance and innovate our product and improve the way we manufacture. We now have 40 staff which includes sales for domestic and overseas, 2 chemists, a design team, production and administration. The factory boasts a canteen with a kitchen for staff where all can gather to have meals and help promote conversations between departments.  We have monthly celebrations for birthdays and special occasions this helps break the ice, this and much more bring the staff of Spa Factory Bali together to form a bond and foster team spirit which then spills over to the work area. 

We are a company run by women determine to make a difference by empowering women and supporting the local economy. Most of our production staff come from the surrounding area, they are mothers with children who need the income to support the family. We support their determination to make a living so we encourage them to bring the toddles with them to work. Most of them were not able to work as they do not have the means to send their young children for child care, nor do they have the support at home. The children now play in a designated child friendly area in the factory, this way the mothers are still able to work and have quality time with their kids.

In 2009 we opened a showroom in Singapore in order to expand and have a wider market presence.  Our Singapore showroom is located in a heritage building in China Town.

The philosophy behind the products has always been to focus on the integration of traditional wisdom but introduced in a new format for all to enjoy. As we grow, we keep up with market trends and are constantly innovating and improving our products. The manufacture of our products is still done traditionally in keeping with being eco-friendly and minimizing carbon emissions. We keep things simple; most of the work is still done by hand. Our refuse is sorted out and sold for recycling, the money earned goes to the girls for buying snacks so they are keen to participate in the program. 

We are free of Parabens & Sodium Laureth Sulphate and other carcinogenic chemicals. All raw materials are carefully sourced locally and aboard to ensure Spa Factory Bali products are of the highest quality and results oriented.

Our message is simple; we aim to be kind to the environment and respect all living beings – no testing on animals.