What's New | COVID-19 The New Normal

How Covid 19 has affected our lives at Spa Factory Bali, the business and made us reinvent ourselves to cope with the pandemic.

With the far-reaching effects of Covid 19, we have had to rethink how we operate our business in order to remain relevant in these times.

Our main focus is to try to retain our staff’s jobs, keep our products relevant and to put in place safe working practices during these unusual times.

As most of our export business has been reduced by 90% and local hotels and spas have shut, our core business “OEM, spa products and hotel amenities” has been severely affected. However, we have been successful in changing our strategy by changing our product line to something that is our own use relevant and the need of the day. Voilà in comes “Hand sanitizers” our savior of the day, we normally produce in small quantities for hotels and event clients, this is our star product. Production, has now surpassed thousands of liters, we have also developed non-alcohol spray sanitizers for sensitive skin and disinfectant for household and they have become popular items. These new items have afforded us the ability to say afloat.

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Our capability to change with the times has always been our saving grace. We are gratified to know that we have been able to do this quick turn around with the support of our staff in order to save the day.

We have implemented safe distancing procedures by splitting the production teams into small groups, so that there are different teams that come in at staggered times.


Washing of hands is strictly implemented. Cleanliness schedule has been stepped up, everyone is responsible to clean their own workstation, plates, crockery and dispose of any leftovers themselves. Hand sanitizers are stationed at every door and vendors are asked to sanitize their hands and drop goods at a safe distance.

spafactorybali.biz spafactorybali.biz

We have started a wellness initiative by serving traditional jamu “immune” building drinks and vitamins to boost our staff’s resistance to disease. Our local company doctor has come in to discuss and educate the girls on hygiene and Covid 19.


Our approach has always been holistic, keeping in mind our staff’s wellbeing and of course being sustainable and relevant in these difficult times. Our staff understand that this is the new normal and they are with us as a team to ride the Covid 19 wave.